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When a man tells me “you’re beautiful”

all I hear is

"Your only purpose in life is to decorate my world."

When I hear shit like this, all I hear is

"I want to be offended and I will overanalyse everything you say so I can get upset and screech at you" 

  1. courtneycravens said: we love and miss you too!

Aw thank you. I miss you guys too :) I’ll be back to visit..just sucks that my time back there will now be limited to that. no fun!

And I just went through the FGCU tag and now I’m kinda bummed!

No more Library visits, Blu Sushi splurges, daily wanderings, democrat meetings, tablings, or ANYTHING!

How did the past few years fly by like this?! 

I mean moving back to Indiana is great and all, and I teach for one of the best districts in the state but its just really weird and uncomfortable for me to face the fact that Florida in general has now become my past.

It never really felt temporary. I wish I valued the time I had left there a bit more than I did. I love Indiana and I am so happy here, but wow I really really miss Florida tonight.

It’s still really weird that I’m not going to FGCU this year.

And not to mention that I’m so far away now. 

Or having my own class to teach.

Life happens way too fast..

Almost feels as if the last 3 years were a short, yet pleasant dream.

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"I swear to god, ‘Turn Down for What’ has killed someone. I’ve been at parties that are chill, maybe even winding down, and that song comes on and people take five shots in a row and start throwing chairs in the air."

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Feminists are really showing alot of their real colours lately…


I’ve been on Tumblr for only a little while. But I’d say I’ve seen a good deal of what it has to offer. And once again, social media feminists have decided to have another dummy spit.

Anyone who hangs around the ‘feminist’ and ‘anti-feminist’ tags will have noticed by now that for the first time in a very long time, women who are against feminism have finally been given some attention. Ofcourse, feminists can’t have that, can they?


This shit is the inevitable, gag worthy response by feminists who seem to believe that the rights, apparently won by early feminists, will permanently pardon feminism of any bullshit or bigotry that it’s followers spew. And this pardon is important. Very important. Far more important than these rights that give women the ability to question, criticize, and choose to accept whatever ideology they want.


This is the face of a totalitarian movement. This is how feminists react when people don’t swallow their “feminism is equality” horseshit. Someone armed only with a victim complex and unsupported lies from the deepest depths of the feminist echo chambers can only lash out and attack those who refuse to accept either. The result being this. Pure childish condescension. Undeniable supporting evidence of what anti-feminists have been saying all along. First world feminists issues in order of concern given to each;

1). Women having an opposing view on feminism.
2). Making sure everyone knows that “Not all feminists are like that!!!”
3-4999). ??????
5000). Dealing with other feminists being cunts, bigots, and actively working against equality.


Are any of these things actual arguments? Maybe the ones that haven’t already been debunked a million times, or the ones that aren’t strawmen that would make Dworkins proud. Either way, it undoubtedly shows that the vast majority of feminists are too afraid to listen to opposing arguments to have their arguments legitimized with our attention.

So what does this mean for anti-feminists? Well for the next couple of months, a lot of lulz, and a lot of migraines. This is not something feminists will let people have. Their ideology is simply built on too frail grounds to allow dissent. I suggest continuing whatever you’re doing. There’s really nothing else you can do. If nothing else, it keeps us busy.

For any feminists reading this? If you agree with any of what these mindless parrots think, you’ve probably looked away in fear of cringing at what you deep down know as the truth. For those who stayed, congratulations, you’re exactly where I was several years ago. You can either choose to follow your friends back to the echo chambers, or maybe you can give up this dated one sided view of how equality should work and be achieved. Maybe you can do the right thing and actually tell off other feminists who are ridiculing, harassing, and insulting women solely because of their political beliefs. You can start with one of the biggest names in modern feminism. Truly, a beacon of equality.



do you ever see a person you used to be friends with and you’re like “glad i got the fuck outta that one”

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